Audience Analytics

The Analytics product gives you all kind of information about visitors and keywords and helps marketing specialists in their hard work. Notice that your website should be connected to Google Analytics.

The product has five sections: Audience, Traffic Sources, Content, Conversions & E-Commerce and Analytics settings. Each section displays the specific information for the desired period of time. Four sections have the summary graphs. If there is a need to compare some data or just check the information on any particular day, you may select a date and choose a period you need. Hover a cursor on any point on the graph and you will see the data for the chosen day. Your project is analyzed from different angles. So you can notice all weak points of your site and react properly on time.

Every table column has a useful filtration so you can quickly sort out the data or find the needed information. You can download all data in Excel or PDF format.




The section represents all information about your audience. There are six blocks of specific information. Each block includes the diagram and the table.


If you want to know which country or city has the largest number of your website’s visitors, just look at the diagram. It shows the number of visitors and percentage ratio. Use filters to see the data for every city in the selected country.   


The diagram tells us what browsers are the most preferable for visitors. Would be a pity if some part of your potential customers won’t be able to see the products you offer. This information will help you to avoid that by improving your site just on time.


The Mobile graphic shows you how often your users visit your website via the particular device. For example, in case you have any doubts about the necessity of mobile version of your website, just look at the numbers.

Operating System

Knowing the most popular operating system among your visitors you will understand whether you need to apply some changes to your website’s code. For example, if it happens that 50% of the visitors will start to use “Linux”.

Device Systems

It’s a big plus to have a mobile version of the website. At least Google loves you more. But it’s not enough. When analyzing the data about the visitors’ device system, you will be able to react properly.

Screen Resolutions

Analytics says: “There are no extra analyzes.” Be careful. You always have to be sure that the visitors see exactly what you see on your website. The information on this diagram is much more important than it seems.


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