We love to save our customers time that is one of our intentions so that’s why we have the Notes feature because it is one more way to do it.

When you have provided your customers or members of your team with an access to your account you can easily and very fast send them short notes of what they should do or check. They can do the same thing, so there is no need to use other services for these tasks.

It is simple to create a new note. All you should do is click the New note button and after that add a subject and a description of your note. After that save your note by clicking Create or choose Cancel if you don’t want it to be created.

overview table

In the end, your new note will appear on the notes dashboard.

overview table

All the notes can be shared with users that have an access to your account. For this you should click the appropriate icon and select the role you want a certain note to be shared with.

overview table

After this, the person you have specified at the sharing settings will be able to see the note. Also you can see who shared notes with you which is very convenient and fast.

overview table

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