Scanned pages

The Scanned pages section has been created to provide the information about all scanned pages the website has. Also, it gives an ability to check which of them have 2xx response code. Using this section, you can check all data columns that are available at the Site Auditor product.

overview table

On the chart, you can see how the number of scanned pages was changing over the selected period. To get the detailed information and see the list of pages our crawler found, you should move to the table that is below the section’s chart.

It is extremely flexible and will give you the most comprehensive data about those pages which you want to check information about.

overview table

If you don’t find the data that is needed for on-page optimization in the table, you can open the Column chooser and pick necessary columns to the table. There are all parameters from the whole Site Auditor collected for the convenience of our users.

After you checked all information and wanted to reset the table to its default state, just click the appropriate button. If you want to get all the filtered and sorted data in a separate Excel file, then you should click the Export data button. All the information that you have chosen will be copied to the file.  

overview table

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