Link-building is an inherent part of SEO. Using links, search engines analyze the popularity of websites and pages based on the number and popularity of pages linking to them. Also, such metrics as trust flow, citation flow, and the number of external backlinks are taken into account. Our Link Manager will make your link-building process and its monitoring easier and faster.

In the Overview section, you will be able to estimate different data that is relevant to your links. It has five informational blocks, each of them has a diagram that shows the percentage of block parameters.

overview table

Statuses block has the information about those statuses your links have.

Lead - new links that have been recently created.

Queued - links that were queued to be placed.

Requested - links that were requested to be placed.

Conversation - links which placing is being discussed.

Declined - links which placing was declined

Placed - links that were successfully placed.

Types block provides you with the data about the types of your links.

Paid (permanently) - paid links that are placed permanently.

Paid (period) - paid links that are placed temporarily.

Comment - links placed in comments.

Review - links placed in a review.

Referral - links placed as referral ones. Using a referral link, you can spread information about positive features or products of the referred website on the altruistic basis.

Affiliate - links placed as affiliate ones. An affiliate link represents a specific URL with an affiliate's ID. Affiliate links are used to record the traffic sent to the advertiser's website. As a rule, such links are placed with the financial motivation.  

Kinds block represents the information about kinds of links you have.

Text - links placed in the text format.

Image - links placed as images.

Redirect - links that are placed as redirects.

Website types block includes the information about types of websites where the links are being placed.

Social media - links placed on the websites that are considered to be social networks.

Personal blog - links placed on the personal blogs.

Corporate blog - links placed on the corporate blogs.

News/media - links placed at the news or media websites.

Directory - links placed at online list or catalog of websites.

Other - links placed at the websites that don’t fit any of the types mentioned before.

Managers block contains the information about those managers who monitor the process of link building. Here you will see how many links each of your manager's control.

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