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The Links list section is built to provide you with the detailed information about your links. Here you can estimate the major data related to your link-building process.

The table contains such information as:

overview table

Confirmed shows if the status was confirmed. It can have such values as Present (the link was placed), Absent (the link wasn’t placed), Unidentified (not enough data provided to check if the link was placed). To make our system able to check if the link you’ve added was placed, at the Status tab you should choose Placed and at the Destination URL tab there should be specified the URL to the page where you have placed the link.

Status shows statuses of added links. It can have such values: Lead (the link is new), Queued (the link is queued to be placed), Requested (the link has been requested to be placed), Conversation (the link placing is being discussed), Declined (the link placing was declined), Placed (the link was successfully placed).  

Date shows when the link was added.

Anchor shows an anchor of each link.

Destination URL shows the URL of page that is targeted.

Referring URL shows the URL of the referring page.

Contact shows the contact person of the website where the link is being placed.

Cost shows the cost of the link.

Trust flow shows trustworthy value of the page. It is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.

Citation flow shows the influential value of the URL. It is based on how many sites link to it.

External backlinks shows the number of external backlinks the referring domain has.  



To see additional parameters you will need to click the Column Chooser button. There you will find such criteria as:

Type shows the link type. It can have such values as: Paid (permanently)(paid links placed permanently), Paid (period) (paid links placed temporarily), Comment (links placed in comments), Review (links placed in a review), Referral (links placed as referral ones), Affiliate (links placed as affiliate ones).

Link Description shows the description of the added link.  

Manager shows who is responsible for the link-building process.

Website Type shows a type of the referring website. It can have such values as: Social media (links placed at social networks), Personal blog (links placed at the personal blogs), Corporate blog (links placed at the corporate blogs), News/media (links placed at the news or media websites), Directory (links placed at online list or catalog of websites), Other (links placed at the websites that don’t fit any of the types listed before).

Referring domains shows the number of domains that have references to the website where the link is being placed.

Link Kind shows a kind of the link. It can have such values: Text (links in the text format), Image  (links placed as images), Redirect (links that are placed as redirects).

To check these data, drag and drop a column of a parameter to the table and it will be updated according to new changes.

If you want to export all the data from the table to the Excel file, you need to click the Export button.

You can add links manually or import them from the CSV file. Learn more about how to complete this step here.

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