How to add a link

Using Link Manager you will not only easily control link-building process of new links but also be able to import the ones with which you’ve been working before.

How to add a link manually

First of all, you need  to open the Link List section and then choose Add a new link variant. After you click this button you will need to fill the required fields and also those that will provide you and your managers with additional information.

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The setting section consists of two parts - General and Contact.

At the General section you will have to specify link’s Status, Type, Type and Cost. After this enter website’s URL and select its type. In the end, add anchor text, enter a destination URL and link description. When all the information is specified, switch to the Contact section.

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At the Contact section you need to add contact’s name and its email. As an additional option, you can specify social networks profiles of your contact.

When all the customizations are done, click the Apply button to save changes or Cancel to quit the edit mode without saving data.

How to import links

Another way to add links is to import them from CSV file. After you’ve clicked the Import button, you will need to choose the type of delimiter that you use in the CSV file for separating the data and select the file with all necessary data. The last step is to click the Apply button.

It is very easy to import your links using this way, but you should follow the next rules so the import process is successful.


A sample CSV file can be found on the Import step.

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  1. Parameters should be separated by “,” or “;” without spaces
  2. The first string must always contain names of columns
  3. Such columns as Status, Referring URL must be specified as well as their content, other fields are optional
  4. The register is significant for columns names. The names should be in the same register as they are specified
  5. Possible names of the columns: Referring URL, Status, Type, Website Type, Link Kind, Cost, Destination URL, Date, Anchor, Link Description
  6. Mime-type of a file can have such values: application/, text/plain, text/csv, text/tsv
  7. Referring URL and Destination URL fields should contain only valid URLs. Absence of scheme is acceptable (i.e. “https//:”). Maximum URL’s length is 512 symbols.
  8. The format of the Date field should be YYYY-MM-DD. Month and date must be bidigitate. If the number is less than 10, iit should start from 0. For example: 2017-03-05
  9. The Status field should have one of the values:  “Lead”, “Queued”, “Requested”, “Conversation”, “Declined”, “Placed”
  10. The Link Kind field should have one of the values: “Text”, “Image”, “Redirect”
  11. The Website Type field should have one of the values: “Social media”, “Personal blog”, “Corporate blog”, “News / Media”, “Directory, Other”
  12. The Type field can have one of the values: “Paid (permanent)”, “Paid (period)”, “Comment”, “Review”, “Referral”, “Affiliate”, “Guest post”
  13. The Cost field should contain a number in the format xx.xx. The integral and fractional parts of a number should be separated by “.” (dot), thousands separators are not used, for instance, 123456.78
  14. Maximum length of the Anchor field is 255 characters, maximum length of the Link Description field is 512 characters
  15. The first string that contains names of the columns is required
  16. You can import 500 strings with the data at a time (the first string that contains names of the columns is not considered)
  17. If the number of the strings is more than of your account limit - none of the strings will be imported
  18. If the error occurs - none of the strings will be imported
  19. The encoding must be UTF-8
  20. Internationalized domain names (non-ascii domain names) is acceptable
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    Hi, is there any example file? I have tried to upload a file but gets the error " mime type is not allowed".

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    Nick Chernets

    Hi there, we've sent the example file to your email.

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