The competitors link data gives you a possibility to get additional information for your SEO strategies.

The Backlinks section is built for you to easily compare the number of backlinks the website added to the project has to the competitor ones. It has all significant data for efficient spying on your rivals.

The chart shows the total number of backlinks that the website of competitors and yours have. Using this information you can quickly estimate the link mass and compare it at a glance. To know the exact number, you need just to hover the mouse to the chart of the website for what you are interested to see the data.

The detailed information can be found at the table. What values can you find and analyze using this section?

Domain - the list that includes websites of your competitors and yours.

Total Backlinks - provides you with the number of total backlinks to the listed sites.

Referring domains  - gives you the insights of the domains that have references to the added sites.

Referring pages - shows the number of pages that have backlinks to the specified websites.

Domain rating - shows the strength of each website overall backlink profile.

URL Rating - shows the strength of website URL's backlink profile to show how high the URL will rank in Google.

All backlinks data is taken from Ahrefs.

If you want to hide some of the parameters from the table, open Column Chooser and drag and drop the parameter there. In a few seconds, the table will be updated according to the changes.

If you need to analyze the data or send it to your clients, click the Export button and all the information will be exported to the Excel file automatically.

If you want to reset the table to the default state, click the appropriate button. In a few moments, the table will be reset.


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