Ranked Keywords

Ranked Keywords sections helps you to show you the keywords that a specified domain is ranked for in Google (English, United States).

To find out such keywords, you should first enter a domain name into the search box, and click Apply.


Following metrics will help you to identify the best keywords in the generated list.

  • Search Volume reflects the popularity of a keyword amongst Google US users.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) represents the recommended bid for a keyword in Google Adwords.
  • ETV (Estimated Traffic Value) shows an info about the predicted traffic coming from a particular keyword.
  • Position represents the rank in the SERP taken by the specified website for the particular keyword.
  • Traffic Cost is a forecasted cost of paid traffic for a particular keyword.  
  • Results count indicates the total number of results in the SERP for a certain keyword. 

Feel free to export the findings in PDF or Excel formats.

You can also cluster keywords and add them to Sandbox or Rank Tracker.

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