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RankActive provides the ranking results across four main search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Yandex. Besides that, there are five options of Google search: Google Maps, Google Map Pack, Google Mobile, Google News and Google itself.

You can track SERPs in 213 countries and 29 878 locations. Check the ranking results in 131 languages.  



The well-known search engine that is used everywhere around the world. Thanks to its wideness, you can choose any country from the list. The language selection depends on the chosen country. For example, Chinese isn’t available for Great Britain. Moreover, Google supports the "location", so you can clarify the SERP tracking and add a region, for example.


Google Maps

It’s a great thing. The maps are available in almost every corner of the world. Google maps are used for the websites to point the location of some business. RankActive also can track the Google Maps results. Choose a country and available language. Add the location (required for Google Maps) if you need. The results are tracked according to the geographical center of the chosen location.


Google Map Pack

It’s a list of local businesses related to a keyword that you've entered. We can track Google Map Pack results as well. These results can be different for the various regions and cities. Choose the preferable country and available language. Then select the location (required for Google Map Pack).


Google Mobile

It’s an interface for Google applications that are used on mobile devices. RankActive also provides Google Mobile tracking. You just need to choose a country and available language. Add the location if you want.


Google News

It’s a part of Google SERP which is specified manually to display results that contains news sites only. RankActive helps to define whereabouts of any news site according to this particular ranking if there is such a need.



It’s also a pretty popular search engine in the world. Track the Yahoo! SERPs for the chosen country and available language. Unfortunately, the Yahoo! SE doesn’t support location.



It takes the second place in traffic volume. Track the ranking results with Bing search engine for the selected country and available language. Bing doesn’t support location so you can't specify the search results.



This search engine is widely used among the Russian speakers. Track the Yandex results for the preferable country and available language. You can specify the location for this search engine.

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