White Label Settings

To customize your White Label, go to the White Label section.



Specify your own domain or subdomain. By this URL you and your customers will have access to authorization form. It is necessary to point a CNAME record to our subdomain in the control panel of your domain name provider. Without this action White Label won’t work with your domain!

Enter the name of your company and add the description. Then enter your email (your clients will receive all the reports from this email address). Also, you can upload the icon or logo image from your computer. Your customers will see it in the system interface and the reports that they receive. 


For the new screenshot: Landing Page URL → Specify your landing page.

You may specify the landing page of your website. Your clients will be redirected there after clicking on your logo at the login page or signing out of the platform.


When you finish, click “Save” button. Congrats! Your White Label has been set.

To use your own SMTP server, check the Setting Up Own SMTP Server section.

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