At the Users tab you are allowed to invite new users and provide them with an access to any of your projects. To do it, simply click the Add a new user button, enter a user’s email, choose a project and select his role. The list of available roles can be found at the Roles tab. After all the actions are completed, click Add and the invitation will be automatically sent to a new user. If you change your mind and decide to not add a new user, just click Cancel.




In the table below you can see the list of invited users and their roles, check the time when they logged in for the last time. Also you can assign users to the projects you have in your account, reset a password for them. By clicking the icon next to the role name you can change user’s role If you want to delete any of them, just click the Delete user button.




When you click the arrow icon next to the user’s email, you will see the list of the projects that he is assigned to. Here you can remove the access to any of the projects by clicking the Revoke access button.

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