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Let’s take a look at the Profile Settings section. Here you can change language (select among available) and time zone. The data collecting starts after 00:00 according to your time zone. By default, all reports are sent at 2:00 PM. But you always can set the desired time of automatic reports sending. Check the Reports Management section to find out how to do that. You can customize the look of the format of date at your account. Set a new password if you wish. Specify your Phone number or Skype ID so we can contact you quickly. Don’t forget to click “Save changes” button.

In addition, you can delete your account in the Profile Settings section.




In this section you can also confirm the receiving of messages and notifications about changes in your projects, or you can refuse them (be careful, the refusal prohibits the receiving not only the notifications and messages but also all kinds of reports!). Remove the tick from the appropriate field in order to refuse receiving notifications about new services, news or SEO tips and guides. Furthermore, here you can enable or disable Tooltips (aimed to ease the understanding of your data).



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