Dashboard is designed to display all important information about the project on one page. It is very convenient when you want to view a summary of the key indicators - keyword positions, ETV (Estimated Traffic value), indexing, traffic, and conversions.

The information about keyword statistics, traffic, and conversions in the Dashboard section is displayed in the context of the search engines and the date range. Choose a search engine and a date range to view the data. By default, the end date is today's date and the initial date is 30 days before the end date. The comparison of the rankings on the Dashboard section occurs between the initial date and the end date.


On the bar chart you can see the Keyword Ranking statistics in the TOP100 / TOP10 / TOP5/ TOP3/ TOP1. RankActive collects the data with search depth up to 100 results. The keywords that were not found in the search engine’s TOP100 are marked as Other.

Next to the percentage value, there is a quantitative change of the keywords accordingly to a comparison the initial and end dates - growth or dropping. If it’s marked red, it’s a drop, blue - growth.

For example, if the TOP3 parameter indicates 50 percent, it means that the half of all keywords are in the TOP3. If a blue arrow has number 5 next to it, it means that 5 more keywords hit the TOP3 (comparison occurs between the initial date and the end date of the selected range).


The Average position scale indicates the arithmetic mean of all keywords positions. It should be noted that all keywords that are not in the TOP100 take a value of 100 when calculating.

For example, if 4 keywords were added to your project, and their positions are 10, 8, 4 and 30, the Average position of your project would be

(10 + 8 + 4 + 30) / 4 = 13.


Keyword Ranking Change scale indicates how many of keywords that were added to the project went up or down. The initial and end date of the selected period are compared.


ETV (Estimated Traffic value) - expected traffic that you can get to your website. Its calculation is based on the spreading of traffic in the TOP-20 and the search volume. ETV is calculated by the formula below:

ETV = ∑ Search Volume * Traffic Distribution rate

Traffic Distribution rate depends on the keywords positions in the SERP and is determined by the following table:

1 place 1
2 0.9
3 0.8
4 0.7
5 0.6
6 0.5
7 0.4
8 0.3
9 0.2
10 0.1
11-20 0.05
21+ 0

The Pages Indexed block shows the number of pages indexed by the selected search engine. The data is collected daily.

Please note that the number of indexed pages may change during the month because the information is gathered from various data centers. Large projects with millions of pages and a constant generation of new content would be the best examples.


Traffic Overview displays the basic data from Google Analytics. The graph shows the value of Total Visits.

The primary indicators are displayed below the graph: such as Total visits, unique visitors, new visits, returning visits, page views, and bounce rate.


The basic information about the conversions is shown in the Goals block overview. The graph displays the total number of conversions day by day. There are the main indicators - Goal, Conversion Rate, and the Goal Value below the graph.


The Traffic and Goals overview charts show the data for each day of the selected period. Just hover your mouse on corresponding point to view the desired information by particular date. Please note that if you select today's date, the data from Google Analytics will be partial because the day is not over.

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