The Site Auditor product is designed to improve your website's operation and get better ranking in SERP. Crawl diagnostics is one of the most powerful tools for internal site optimization.

Site Auditor checks your website for 20+ parameters, defines and displays all found flaws so you can easily fix them. It checks meta tags, content, images tags, response codes and each page parameters. The full list of parameters your website is checked for you can see in the Additional Parameters and Data section.

By default, the crawl delay is 6-8 seconds. But you can modify the scan frequency if our crawler causes inconveniences for your web-server. There are some limitations on a number of scanning pages per project that are defined according to your tariff plan. The Site Auditor product rescans each of your projects daily. Thanks to a smart filtration every problem page can be examined in details.

The Overview section provides you with overall information about the on-page state of your website. To view detailed information click on the desired parameter.



The chart gives you a possibility to track dynamics of changes related to the selected parameters. Hover your mouse over any point of the chart and view the exact number of errors of the specific type that were present on the particular day. All data is shown for the last 30 days. You can switch on/off any error type for more convenient data display.


Use the Site Auditor settings section to modify the parameters of your website scanning by our crawler.

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