Analyzer is an additional feature of the Site Auditor product which has three tabs (Summary, Common SEO Issues and Page Optimization). To get there, you must click the loupe icon next to page URL in the table of any section of the Site Auditor product. The analyzer will show you detailed information for the particular page.



You will see the Analyzer's summary data. There is a diagram at the top of the screen. It shows an overall result of analyzing of the current page. Important, Semi-Important fixes and Passed Checks (parameters). The table below gives more detailed information for each parameter. It displays status, value and comment.

In addition, you have a possibility to download the data in Excel format.

To get back to the Site Auditor product click “Back to Site Auditor” button at the bottom of the screen.



Common SEO Issues

This tab represents common SEO issues and shows status of checking for each parameter. For better understanding, every parameter has a short explanation. Click “Read more” to see it.



Page Optimization

The tab displays parameters that are very important for SEO optimization. The current status of the parameters will show you the right direction. Short explanations under each of parameters also will be a plus.


Use the Site Auditor settings section to modify the parameters of your website scanning by our crawler.



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