The Project Reports section gives you a possibility to generate, send or download the report in the Excel or PDF format for any chosen period immediately. Select a date, and then select a reporting data - Ranking, Analytics, Site Auditor or all of them together. Choose a preferable format and specify an email address (if you want the report to be sent by mail). Click "Generate" button and wait up to two minutes till the report is generated. Now the reporting data will be sent automatically (if you point an addressee). Or you can download the generated report directly. 



No doubts that scheduled reports are very helpful. We’ve made it a bit easier for you. Weekly and monthly reports of every created project already exist by default. You will be receiving them to your inbox.



But what if you need another kind of reports? For example, daily report. It is easy, just click the “Create new scheduled report” button.



First of all, enter the name of the report. Later, it will be easier to find the specific report in the list. Choose the reporting period: Every day (you will receive the first report on the next day), Day of a week ( you’ll receive the reports every week on the selected day) or Day of a month (you’ll receive the reports every month on the selected day). Then choose types of the reports (Ranking, Analytics, Site Auditor). Check Examples of Reports to see how exactly these reports will look like.



You will receive the reports with the Ranking, Analytics and Site Auditor summary data. Besides, you have an opportunity to attach the detailed information file in Excel or PDF format to any email. You just need to select this option.



Now select the addresses from the list. Or input the email address and click an arrow.



It’s only one thing left - time selection. The time is set according to your time zone. You can change it in Profile Settings.



Click “Save” button. Congratulations! Your scheduled report has been created. It will appear on the list of the reports.

If you granted access to your staff, they will have the same list of created reports for the current project. If the level of access allows them not only to read, but also to write (edit), the staff will be able to create the scheduled project reports by themselves. These reports appear in your list automatically. Change the level of access you can in

Account Access section. Project Reports section is not available for your clients.

Every user can prohibit the reports receiving in Profile Settings section.

Every report in this list can be edited or deleted. There is an On/Off option also.



In addition, here you can download the report when it will be ready.

Please, note that you’ll have this opportunity ONLY if you attached this report to email.



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