Universal mechanism of reporting

Flexibility of our reporting mechanism allows you to configure all reports in such way which is the most comfortable for you. A few examples below will help you to understand better how to do that.

You can use the standard settings and just tick daily, weekly or monthly reports' receiving. You’ll get the reports on default dates. On Mondays for weekly report, on the 1th day of a month for monthly report.

For those who require more specific reports we developed a universal mechanism for reporting. It allows you to compare the data for any period you wish: a month with another month, a week with another week, 2 days with 5 days, a month with a week etc.


Weekly reports:

If you wish to receive the reports few times a week - it’s simple. Just tick the desired days. For example, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Now, in Monday report the data for Saturday-Sunday(2 days) will be compared with the period of Wednesday-Friday(3 days). Wednesday report: comparison of Monday-Tuesday and Saturday-Sunday data and so on.



Monthly reports:

For example, you have a monthly report which you receive every month on the selected day. But what if you tick a few days simultaneously, what's then? Let's imagine that you selected the 1st, 9th, 21th and 28th days of a month(30 days). So, the report that you receive on the 1st day of a month shows the data comparison for the periods of the 28th-1st(3 days) and 21th-28th(8 days). The next report(on 9th) shows the data comparison for the periods of the 2nd-8th(7 days) and 28th-1st(4 days).

Moreover, you can tick the last day of a month. Just to be sure that you’ll receive the report exactly at the end of a month, no matter how many days current month has(28, 30 or 31).



Please note that the data of receiving date isn't counted because it hasn't been collected completely yet.

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