Why do ranking results differ?

“Why do my ranking results differ from what I see in SERPs?” - frequently asked question by our clients. There are no big secrets, anyway. So, to avoid any misunderstandings a few common causes are represented below.

Let’s start from the simplest and most obvious explanations. Personalized SERP, first of all. Means that you enter particular site(in this case, your site) pretty often. And when Google answers your query it adjusts search results for you individually, simply saying, gives you the sites visited by you most often. Anyway, you can clear cache in your browser or make those entrances using “incognito window”.

Local results it is the second possible reason. For example, you live in LA and looking for “restaurant” you’ll get the results with information about restaurants placed in LA. So, if you don’t specify your search Google uses “default” city. Nevertheless, you always can change this in browser settings. By the way, the difference between your browser settings and one’s used for data gathering might be a trouble itself.

Widely known “Google dance” can be the cause, also. Mostly it happens when there are big leaps of positions.  Google uses a huge amount of servers and databases. The data of some changes doesn’t come to all servers at one time. And as far as you never know which one of them is currently used you can’t be sure of the information accuracy. Cure: wait and see policy. Usually, it takes up to 3 days for Google to settle down the results.

And the last but not least - algorithms improving. Of course, none of those updates are embedded at one moment. At first, very small percentage of  users are randomly selected to test it on. It could be anyone including you. Then, after testing, Google spreads those updates on everyone or rollback happens. Just wait and don’t panic since you’re not able to influence this process.

Use the given pieces of advice and most likely the bulk of issues will be easily solved.  

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