Ranking Distribution

The Ranking Distribution section is designed to show you how many keywords that were added to the project have positions on the particular page in SERP. At left top of the screen choose the desired search engine and the date for which you want to see the information.

The Distribution Overview chart visually displays first 10 pages of the SERP that relate to the chosen search engine. The keywords that have no positions on first 10 pages of SERP get to the column named “Other”.


The details are shown in the table under the chart. For each of first 10 SERP pages you can see quantity and percentage of keywords that have positions there and number of pages which are relevant to the keywords.  

Each of presented SERP pages has a drop-down menu. Here you can get even more details. The list of keywords that have positions on particular SERP page, what site’s pages relate to those keywords and the exact position of each keyword. The data for each page can be downloaded in the Excel file separately.



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