Side-by-Side View

The Side-by-Side section is designed to give you a possibility to compare the data of your keywords positions received from different search engines. Hover your mouse on any point of the chart to see the exact percentage of keywords that are in TOP 1 (3, 5, 10, 100) by a particular search engine for each date of the selected period. To make information displaying more convenient you can switch off/on any of the search engines that are compared. Use the “Update Rankings” button to view real time data. Please note that data will be recollected for ALL search engines that are added to the project.



The table below the chart gives you more detailed information. Right here you can compare positions of a certain keyword according to each of the search engines that you've added to the project separately. Also, you can see values of such parameters as Search volume, ETV, KEI, Competition, Traffic cost and CPC for the particular keyword. Please note that the listed parameters are displayed for the search engine which you set as the default one.


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