Page Parameters

The Page Parameters section is designed to provide the comprehensive information about your website's pages characteristics.

The chart displays values of the specific parameters for the selected date range. Hover your mouse on any point of the chart to view data related to particular date of the selected period. For more convenient data display you can switch on/off any of the parameters.



To view detailed information related to any of the parameters click the desired icon placed under the chart. Examine data in the table to be aware of possible ways to improve your pages' characteristics. Here is the list of error types for the Page Parameters section:

Recursive canonical. Shows number of pages which recursively refer to each other. For example, you have two pages: page1.html and page2.html. When page2.html has <link rel="canonical" href="page1.html" /> and page1.html has <link rel="canonical" href="page2.html" /> Google is confused which one of these two pages should be indexed. In this case Google prefer not to index both pages.

Non-canonical pages. Shows number of non-canonical pages.

Not SEO-friendly URL. Shows number of URLs which are not SEO-friendly. The SEO-friendliness of a page URL is checked by four parameters. If at least one of them is failed than such URL is considered as Not SEO-friendly.

Length of relative path is less than 120 symbols It checks the relative path of URL. The length of up to 120 characters is recommended by search engines.
No special characters It checks if URL has any special characters. Admissible chars are a-z (lower- and uppercase), 0-9.
No dynamic parameters It checks if URL has any dynamic parameters.
Relevance of URL to the page It checks if URL is relevant to meta keywords or title (less than 20% of words from URL are present in meta keywords or title).

Pages with flash. Shows number of pages with flash elements.

Pages with frame. Shows number of pages with frame elements.

Too high load time. Shows number of pages which load time is more than 3 sec.

Too high waiting time. Shows number of pages which waiting time is more than 1.5 sec. Waiting time it's a time spent waiting for the initial response, also known as the Time To First Byte.

Disabled compression. Shows number of pages with disabled gzip compression.

Deprecated HTML tags. Shows number of pages with deprecated HTML tags.

Furthermore, there are Additional parameters. By default, some of them are already set in the section table and others are hidden. To manage table columns use the "Column Chooser" button. Also, in the table you can see the date when the last scan of your website pages was occurred.

The loupe next to the page URL lets open the current page in Analyzer and observe additional information.


Use the Site Auditor settings section to modify the parameters of your website scanning by our crawler.

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