The Traffic section shows an amount of visits that websites of your competitors receive. Beside the total amount of visits, separate information for each type of source is displayed. Right here you can easily compare your website's parameters with competitors' ones. Common analytical data is also presented. All data is imported from SimilarWeb.

The section provides such data as:

Other visits

The total number of visitors.

Organic visits

The traffic from search engines.

Paid visits

The amount of traffic from PPC – Adwords, Bing Ads etc.

Social visits

The traffic from social networks.

Referral visits

The information about traffic from other sites.


The average duration of visits.

Page views

The average number of page views per visit.

Bounce rate

The average bounce rate for all users.

You can see more specific information for each parameter by clicking on the proper icon in the column. For example, the Total visits column shows you the top-5 countries which bring the biggest amount of visits.

Each type of data is divided in three columns: the data for the last month, the data for the month that was before it and the delta. Delta shows difference between the values for two months. The data is updated once a month.


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