Day-by-Day View

The Day-by-Day section shows all your keywords positions on each day of the selected period. At the left top of the screen you choose the desired search engine and date range. The presented chart gives you visual information on your keywords spreading in TOPs. Hover your mouse on any point of the chart and view number of keywords in the corresponding TOP for the particular day. On the left from the chart there are TOP3/TOP5/TOP10/TOP100 switchers. You can turn on/off any of TOPs dynamics.  

To get REAL TIME information use the “Update Rankings” button. In just a few seconds the freshest data will appear.

Use the appropriate button to download the data in Excel or PDF.

For detailed information on each of your keywords explore the table under the chart. Search volume, position in SERP, the data difference between the initial and end date of the selected period, SERP snippets and snapshots for every keyword are presented here. For each day of the selected date range separately. Red number means that the current keyword lost its positions, blue - won. Right from the table you can go to the page which is relevant to the keyword or view it in SERP.


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