Relevant Pages

The Relevant Pages section of the Rank Tracker product shows you the number of ranked pages that are relevant to the keywords which have positions in TOP100.

You can see information for the desired day of the selected period by hovering mouse on any point of the chart.



To explore the details about the website ranked pages use the table under the chart. The first column of the table represents a list of ranked pages. For each page there is data on total number of keywords bound to one of the ranked pages. On the left, next to the number, if the quantity of keywords has changed, a blue or red-colored value is presented. The shown difference is based on data comparison between the initial and end dates of the selected period.

Next columns show how many of these keywords have positions in the corresponding TOP. Please, use the “Column chooser” button to view Delta (data difference between the initial and end date of the selected date range) for any of TOPs. Just drag&drop the desired one to the table.

Click the arrow under the desired page to view more specific information. The drop-down list will show you the keywords for which the particular page is relevant to. For each keyword you can see the exact position that it takes on the end date of the period that you’ve selected.


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