Is RankActive for me?

If you are looking for a way to boost rankings and traffic of your website and to improve the whole situation with its online presence, you’re in the right place. So, how RankActive platform can help you in this case? Let’s speak straight, any SEO strategy to be successful requires accurately gathered statistical data and their comprehensive analysis. Luckily, that is what we do best.


RankActive absolutely suits you if you need the following:


Rank Tracker


Positions. Collecting your website positions on SERPs. All giant search engines are tracked: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex. In addition, you can also track Google Mobile, Google Maps, Google Map Pack, Google Blogs and Google News SERP results.


Keyword research. It includes such parameters as KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index), Search volume, Competition level, CPC, ETV (Estimated Traffic value) and other important parameters which help to define whether the particular keyword is worth trying to rank for.


Dynamics of changes. Monitor changes of key performance indicators (KPIs). Such as Visibility, Average keyword position, Keyword dynamics in TOPs. The number of keywords which have positions in TOP 100 and pages that are relevant to them. Plus, it is possible to see the ratio of keywords that won and lost their positions. You can compare all data on a day-by-day basis.




Key analytical data. From now on you can find all essential analytical data in one place. All you need is to connect your Google Analytics account. The data about your website Audience, Traffic, Content Analytics, and Conversions come straight to the interface of the platform. Please, note that we store no information received from your GA account in our database.




Monitor your direct competitors’ activity. Analyze your competitors’ Ranking, Traffic, Visibility, and Keywords data; compare this information with your website’s results, learn from it and make them work for you. Turn competitors’ weak sides into your strongest ones.


Site Auditor


Permanent scanning of on-page errors. Our product defines every single on-page error that may affect your website ranking so you can eliminate them and improve your positions and increase traffic.


Flexible reporting system


Automated reports on schedule and White Label feature. Knowing that making reports is a real headache for SEO specialist we’ve designed an extremely awesome reporting system which allows you to set the reports receiving in the exact way that suits your personal needs. Furthermore, we provide the White Label feature for SEO-agencies.


Work with team    


Account Access. Do you have staff? Or maybe a client who wants to observe your work? Terrific! You are able to provide any person with access to any desired project. No extra account is required, no additional charges. Plus, you control the access level of those people who you connect to a project (can they make some adjustments or read only).


Be notified when important data changes


Notification Manager. Want to save your time and be notified on the latest data changes? It is very easy to do with our Notification Manager. It is made for creating triggers for any project data changes. The system of setting a rule is very flexible that allows you to choose those criteria which matter the most. You will be able to choose the exact time when you want to be notified. Also, you can add emails of your customers or members of the team so they can receive notification as well.




Usability. RankActive team does know how tough the SEO-specialist's work is. That is why we do our best to make it as easier as possible. Beside the products improvement the ease of use of the collected data is always considered. Multi filtration in all tables which is saved even after you log out, information sorting, data export in Excel or PDF files, free unlimited data updates on-demand etc.

We continuously work on our platform to make it satisfy all your professional needs. If you still have some questions, please, contact us via Live Chat right from the software interface (for those who are registered) or send us a ticket via My Requests at the top of the current page.


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