Response Code Checker

The Response Code Checker section defines redirects and invalid response codes of your web-server to give you a possibility to fix those issues and prevent possible ranking drop.

The chart shows the exact number of 4xx, 5xx invalid response codes or redirects for the selected date range. Hover your mouse on any point of the chart to see an overall quantity of the specific response code for particular date of the chosen period. You can use on/off function on the left of the chart to hide the parameters you don't want to be displayed.



To see the data related to the exact response code you can filter the table under the chart by clicking the error type icon you are interested in. Here is the list of error types for the Response Code Checker section:

3xx pages. Shows number of pages which have response code 3xx (redirects).

4xx pages. Shows number of pages which have response code 4xx (also known as broken links).

5xx pages. Shows number of pages which have response code 5xx (server error).

Lets take an icon of 4xx response code as an example. After clicking the icon, in the table you will see a list of all pages with 4xx response code and the number of pages that refer to each invalid one. To view what the pages that refer are, click the small arrow next to the URL of invalid page.

Furthermore, there are Additional parameters. By default, some of them are already set in the section table and others are hidden. To manage table columns use the "Column Chooser" button. Also, in the table you can see the date when the last scan of your website pages was occurred.

You can go to the Analyzer section by clicking the loupe icon next to page URL to get additional information provided by the Site Auditor product.


Use the Site Auditor settings section to modify the parameters of your website scanning by our crawler.

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