Working With Tables

You can manage tables and make them even more convenient. Let’s consider the Ranking product as an example. Tables management gives a possibility to add additional parameters, use multi-filtration and export the desired data. Let’s start from the “Column chooser” button. Each product or section has tables which include parameters set by default. "Column chooser" is designed to hide all parameters that are additional. For example, ETV (Estimated Traffic Value) is an additional parameter for the Ranking product. To add it to the table just drag and drop the parameter (as shown on the GIF below).



The next useful function is multi-filtration. Its main principle is in combining of the different kinds of filtering and sorting. You can use this possibility to display the data that you exactly need. It’s possible to group data by column header, filter lists by contained word or a part of it, sort values in ascending or descending order, use smart filtering.



Use an appropriate button to reset any table to its default state. All added parameters from “Column chooser” and used filters will be reset.

You can export all data in the table to Excel file. Please note that only visible data will be exported. All hidden columns are not included in a report.


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