Project setup

To get started you, obviously, need to create a project and set it according to your needs. So, click the “Add New” button at the top of the screen and let’s begin. Enter a website URL at the first field and name it at the second one. A unique project name may be a necessity if you’re going to create several projects for a single domain. Click “Next” when you’re ready.

add new project


Now, specify a tracking mode, add keywords and select a search engine(s) you want your website to be tracked for. If you’ve set up a few SE, please, specify the default one in the List of the selected search engines. Click “Next” when you’re ready.

For more details check out the Rank Tracker settings article.

add new project


For being able to receive analytical data for your project, please, connect your Google Analytics account. All the information from Google Analytics supplied to the interface directly. We don’t keep anything in our database! Click “Next” when you’re ready.

The Analytics Overview article will help to learn more.

add new project


The next step is to set up the Brand Monitor product (available for all plans, except “Minimal” plan). Here you can specify up to 3 keywords for which the mentions on the Web, social networks etc. will be tracked. In our case, by default, it will be “” and “yourdomain”. They can be easily changed manually if there is such a need.

add new project


Congrats! Your first project has been created.


A few words about a couple of additional settings tabs. After you’ve created a project click the “Edit” button at the top of the screen and you’ll see that “SiteAuditor” and "Competitors" tabs appeared.

The SiteAuditor tab gives a possibility to manage the settings of RankActive crawler and Spell Checking mode. The parameters for crawler that can be modified: Crawl Delay in Seconds, Depth Limit, Custom Robots.txt, Robots Merge Mode. As for the Spell Checking, here you can enable or disable the mode, view the list of words you've marked as exceptions for the current project, delete them or add new ones. Check out more details on the Site Auditor settings.

add new project


Next settings tab allows you to manually add the competitors’ domains you want to track. You can choose your competitors domain from drop down list. The list can be changed anytime. Click the “Finish” button when you’re ready.

add new project

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