To add new trigger click the “+create a new trigger” button. After that you will be taken to the Settings section. At the first part you will need to fill the following fields:

Name - add a name for your new trigger.

Choose the period of trigger checking - pick the days of a week or a month, or leave every day checking of your trigger.

Description - add a description for your new trigger to have a short explanation of what information you will receive.

Send notification after - select time when it is the most convenient for you to check results of the set trigger. If you want to receive notifications straight after your trigger has fired - set 00:00.

Notify - add an email of the trigger’s results recipient.


Each of trigger has various settings. To customize your new trigger, first of all, you should choose the product you are willing to receive the notification for.

For now you can create a trigger only for the Rank Tracker product, we are working on adding more products for which you will be able to receive notifications on data changes.

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